Welcome to the MindJolt Developer Platform!

The deal is simple: you build the amazing games you love to work on, and we take care of distribution and give you the best ways to monetize. Your time is spent doing what you do best — make awesome games — and MindJolt gives you the support you need.

You can work with us in one of two ways. To license your games to us for an upfront payment, write developer@sgn.com. To participate in sharing revenue from video pre-roll ads, follow the steps below.

Get started with the API

Explore the MindJolt API, and see how to get your game in front of over 20 million players a month.

Upload & Manage your games

Submit new games, and track the success of your existing games via the Developer Dashboard.

Connect with the community

Connect with other game developers and MindJolt people to resolve issues and discuss best practices.

At MindJolt, we do everything to help your games get as many players as possible. You’re free to create amazing games, while we worry about the details of integration with Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc., and while we make sure that your game gets the best possible exposure to the over 20 million monthly players on the MindJolt network. With our solid APIs you simply add a few lines of code, and all of the important social and viral features (like highscore tables) are seamlessly integrated into your games automatically. The MindJolt technical team spends all of its time making sure your game will work as efficiently as possible with all of the features on each of the major social networks, leaving you to concentrate on making a great game to play. We’ve also got you covered when it comes to metrics and analytics – so you always know how well your game is doing.

Partnering with MindJolt isn’t just uploading your game to a faceless website and hoping to see what happens. It’s a real collaboration, and we take it seriously. Your game means more to us than some file sitting on a web server. We’ve got the best Business Development and Technical folks in the industry under our wing, and we’ll put them to work for you to make sure your game maximizes every opportunity possible — and to create new opportunities every chance we get. Don’t wait to get in: the time to grow with MindJolt is now.