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It’s been a great few months for MindJolt’s game developer community. From our redesigned developer site, new community tools, to our recently announced monetization engine, AdJolt, we continue to raise the bar. Not only are we able to more effectively hear from you, but we’ve also made it easier to connect with other game developers, while generating more game plays and making you more $$$. We have some exciting news we’d like to share with you. Today we are announcing a groundbreaking deal with Broadcast Interactive Media, one of the largest providers of web tools for local television broadcasters, which means we’ll be bringing your games to 110 million people in the U.S.!!! We have always been trying to balance user experience with making you more money, but now more than ever; this is something we cannot lose focus on. It is in our DNA to test, test, and retest, which is why we have become the largest flash game distribution platform in the world. We are constantly running live focus-group testing, the vast majority of which go unnoticed. However, some of you have pointed out recently that you’ve seen the results of one of these studies, which is a test that examines first

time game play user retention. During this test we continuously turn on/off the in game ads to a portion of our users and evaluate engagement against a control group. We are happy to report the early results are very promising, and look like they will result in more gameplays (more revenue) for developers. Over the next week or so you might continue to see this test, but we expect it to wind down once we have enough data. The actions we take on the results will not only drive more game plays, but in the long run will mean more $$ coming your way. We look forward to continuing to work with you, and bringing your games to millions of gamers. Yours, Marc

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