Virtual Goods API available

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MindJolt is continuously looking for ways to help our developer partners succeed on the MindJolt platform. When you do well, we do well. Until this point, that quest was focused on more game-plays leading to more ad revenue. Recently, sales of virtual goods have been accelerating as consumers become more comfortable with such spending. As a result, it’s become time to open this potential goldmine to MindJolt developers. Thus, we have just released our Virtual Goods API to provide developers a

way to further monetize their games beyond ad revenue. Using these tools, games can offer virtual goods to players. These goods may improve scores, provide personalizations, or offer special game playing modes/levels. The details are documented at: Technically, the Virtual Goods API offers functions to purchase items and determine the quantity and variety of goods owned by the player. A built-in shop provides an easy, consistent user interface for commerce. Alternately, developers can create their own customer dialogs for single items or special integrations.

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