The MindJolt Developer Platform provides games developers with everything they need to integrate and host their games with MindJolt. As one of the top gaming portals, MindJolt represents a lucrative distribution opportunity. We can promote your game to more than 14 million people that play games each month on our network.

You can work with us in one of two ways. To license your games to us for an upfront payment, write To participate in sharing revenue from video pre-roll ads, follow the steps below.

Technically, all it takes is a few lines of simple code in your game. We’ll then see that your work goes to to Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, Orkut, Friendster, Ning and

How to get started:

  1. Add the MindJolt API to your game
  2. Upload your game and test that the score submission is working correctly
  3. MindJolt’s internal testing and approval of your game
  4. Your game will be published across the MindJolt network, including to each of the social networks
  5. Come back often to check statistics and see how your game is doing as it is promoted to over 20 million players

When experiencing issues with testing your game, we suggest you download this document for developing and testing your game in the Live SGN Environment (link here).

How to get paid:

Use the MindJolt API to earn money when players play your games! Earn revenue every time a MindJolt advertisement is displayed in your game.

Since MindJolt can put its own advertising deals together, we are able to offer developers a much higher eCPM using our ads than you would normally earn through third party ad networks.

Payments are sent out monthly via Paypal, 2Checkout, or Wire Transfer. For PayPal, you can enter in your e-mail address on the Account Information page. For Wire Transfer and 2Checkout, please send your information directly to or

Payments are dispersed 60-80 days after the game has gone live on our site. This is to insure your game has a suitable amount of time to generate the revenue required for dispersal ($100 minimum).

*UPDATE – 11/22/2012 –  We no longer accept Moneybookers as a payment method.*

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on our platform, and encourage you to join the MindJolt Developers discussion group. You can also contact us directly.